AEA Group’s Banking practice benefits from years of experience analyzing high-stakes, complex financial disputes involving commercial, mortgage and investment banks. Our diverse backgrounds in Accounting, Finance and Economics allow us to fully understand and analyze the core issues underlying a variety of disputes.

Our professionals have served as advisors to financial institutions and provided testimony related to Bankruptcies, Fraud and Malpractice in the banking industry. We have analyzed the economic drivers of the industry and performed historical and current event studies to better understand the industry’s operating environment. We have analyzed Real Estate Financing, Securitization, and Servicing related to subprime lenders.

Our professionals have analyzed Banks and Bank-holding Companies, Lending and Underwriting Policies, Bank Regulations, and Tax Laws and investigated Performance and Solvency. Our analyses result in written and oral testimony presented to and delivered in front of judges, juries and management, as applicable.

AEA Group’s analyses are based on sound economic principles, applicable precedents, authoritative standards and real world experience.